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Would you like to feel a deep sense of joy and peace that arises when we embody complete self-acceptance and trust? Listen to this mindfulness meditation created by Michelle Alva, PT for us to master the art of surrender and our ability to flow with life.
What people are saying about this Meditation, "Michelle's Embodying Acceptance and Trust Meditation inspired such a great shift inside of me this morning! Her voice is filled with softness and compassion... but there's also a deep sense of power inside! You can feel her soul moving through her words and it made it so much easier to slip into a state that allowed the work to seep in. I left the meditation feeling so present and grateful, with a deep sense of TRUST and support I had been missing out on for the last few weeks. Thank you Michelle for bringing me closer to my heart and helping me align my mind to my truth!"-Caty P.
Allow Michelle Alva, PT to guide you to empower your innate healing abilities. Learn how to release, pain, tension and stress and connect to your intuition and inner physician so that you can be your own greatest source of ease and lightness in your every day!